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Creative IP Law Collective was founded in March 2018, working on bringing creatives and lawyers together. Intellectual Property Law is arguably the most exciting, versatile and ever changing sector of law that touches the lives of everyone, from lay person to creative professionals and lawyers. The dialogue is currently one sided with legal academics dominating the conversation regarding the future of Intellectual Property. This site aims to achieve an equality- allowing for content creators, interested individuals and students etc to understand the realm of Intellectual Property and find a wealth of resources for their own purposes.

Blog Posts, Papers and Conferences

Creative IP Law Collective is happy to receive writing submissions from its readers; please visit the contact us page for more information. Creative IP Law Collective aims to remain in the sphere in regards to all modern tech, creative industry and profession, and intellectual property law- making it a collective of expert opinions and ideas. Check in for conference write ups, academic papers and blog posts all about IP, the law, or media content- or all three!.


About the Founders

Nur Ben-Hamida; a legal academic who is also an artist and a musician. Completed LLB Law in 2016, after which followed an LLM Intellectual Property and the Digital Economy from the University of Glasgow. Has experience in the legal profession, as well as the academic, including working with Creative Commons and completing CopyrightX led by Terry Fisher. Currently guest lecturing around the UK and appearing at conferences. Presenting a paper named “Changing the Narrative; exploring how the global copyright regime suppresses the voice of marginalised people through policing fandom.”


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